Friday, 29 May 2015

Rimmel Wake Me Foundation

Now, it is a bit of a struggle to correctly match foundation & concealer here in the UK if you have warm toned skin! Is it just me or is it really truly overwhelming selecting the right shade? Let me know! Anyhow, I went for the shade 200 soft beige and I think it's a pretty decent match.

I am not a full coverage kinda gal so this works for me - light to medium coverage that you can build up. I use about 1 pump, then buff it in with my Real Techniques buffing brush. The trick is to take your time with the buffing.

SPF 15 makes it ideal for day time wear. The foundation has tiny flecks of subtle shimmer that don't really show up in photographs. And I really love the brightening and illuminating effect this has on the skin.

Budget buy and almost always on 3 for 2 offer at Boots or Superdrug
SPF 15
Light to medium coverage
Radiant glow

Limited shades available if you are warm toned
Not Full coverage- If full coverage is what you desire then you have to slather on a lot of the product which in my opinion is never a good idea.

Which is your favourite Drugstore foundation?


Thursday, 28 May 2015

Garnier Body Repair Balm

I went to Boots frustrated with moisturisers that come in bottles or bottles with pumps. Sooner than later you get to a point when you know there's enough product but you just can't squeeze the sucker out! I wanted something in a tub instead so that I am able to use every last bit of the product. Isn't it insanely satisfying to truly and completely empty out a product? Tell me I am not the only insane one here.

Anyway I wasn't too keen on a body butter either because they are mostly really thick and difficult to work with!

My choices were very limited in the drug store aisles. I saw some products from Boots, Palmers and the usual stuff. I chose the Garnier Anti-Dryness Restoring Balm Maple Sap Formula for reasons mentioned below-

  • The red tub caught my eye.
  • It reads "Body Balm" and that was interesting to me. Basically the texture is not as thick as a body butter nor as thin as a lotion. It is creamy and easily sinks into the skin. 
  • The tub reads "Extra Dry Skin".
  • I have not tried many Garnier products but the ones that I have tried are extraordinary!
  • Affordable price point! 

I cannot begin to describe how dry my skin is! It always drinks up any oil or moisturiser or cream that I apply.

I  have been using the Garnier Body Balm for about a week now and I am really pleased with the way it works. My skin feels hydrated for about 12 hours after applying this. 12 hours for extra dry skin is pretty damn good. Isn't it?

Will I repurchase it? Most definitely yes, unless I find something more exciting. The only thing I am not too pleased with is the maple smell, it's not what I usually like or go for.


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Collection Eyes Uncovered Nude Grey Palette

This is a stunning product priced at £3.99!

What else can I say? There are 3 palettes available and I am currently using the Nude Grey one. I absolutely love the ivory/beige highlight shade. It is brilliant for Indian skin-tone or warm skin-tones as it is not stark white. This is a perfect all round palette with a choice of every day neutral shades, matte beige highlight and a matte black for a sultry smokey eye.

Sorry for my very dirty but well loved palette in the pictures!

The eyeshadows are really soft, creamy & buttery. They are very easy to work with; doesn't matter if you use your fingers or brushes, they are nicely blend-able and build-able. The colour payoff is not WOW, its good. Lastly but definitely not the least, there is hardly any fallout! And that is a winner for me.

The only flip side is the packaging, it's not the best and it does not come with a mirror so not the most ideal choice when it comes to travel. But hey ho, at this price you cannot complain about the minor details. Can you?

Currently this palette is available at Boots for £2.99 only and most other times at Boots & Superdrug its on 3 for 2 offer. Just thought I should let you know ;)

Will I repurchase this product? Yes, definitely! I think I might try the other nude one. Have you tried this product? What do you think?


Saturday, 16 May 2015

Garnier Micellar Water

I have been using the Garnier Micellar Water for a while now and have finally put my thoughts together in this blog post.

For me to remove makeup and get that satisfying clean feeling, I am not going to lie, I need about 3-4 pumps of the Micellar Water on 3-4 fresh cotton pads. I am probably over doing it but this is how much it takes for me to get that genuinely clean feeling if you know what I mean.
But having said that, as a drugstore budget buy, this is amazeballs.

If I am very late or lazy or tired, I might skip washing my face afterwards but on a normal day, I usually remove my makeup with the Micellar Water and follow that with a gentle facial wash. (Even though the bottle reads "No Rinsing") 
The face wash that I am using at the moment is from the Simple range and I simply love it ;)
I then moisturise my face throughly with a Boots Botanics night cream.

Coming back to the Micellar water, I definitely love it. The fact that I use a generous amount on my face to remove makeup goes on to show that it really does feel very gentle on the skin and after using it my skin does not feel dry or tight at all. It removes all makeup eventually and the job that it does is GOOD. It has no overwhelming smell and  it doesn't itch or sting.

I will definitely repurchase it as it is pretty darn amazing for the price. Garnier is now selling Micellar Water in a small travel friendly size which is really great because carrying the full size bottle is a nuisance. 

I am going to try the Simple Micellar Water next as it is getting rave reviews and I just happen to love  everything from Simple anyway. What are your thoughts on Micellar Water?

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Mitchum Deodorant

    Women Mitchum Advanced Oxygen 48 Hour Protection in Shower Fresh

For a while now I have been struggling to find a deodorant that does its job well.  The worst part about many deodorants available in the drug store is that they have a sick, overwhelming, up- your-nose kinda smell. To top it all, they leave white marks on your armpit and then onto any bra or top that you are wearing.

I decided to give Mitchum deodorant a go because I had never tried this before and it says on the aerosol container that it minimises white marks. It also says 48 hour protection! Well, first of all no body in their right mind will not reapply deodorant for that amount of time! Secondly I don't think this or any other deodorant can last 48 hours.

Anyway, this is a 200 ml bottle which is not too tiny but still good for travel. It also has a twist cap instead of a lid and that is super convenient too.

It smells pleasant, very subtle and fresh. Does not interfere with my perfume and certainly does not itch or bother my nose. Last but definitely not the least it does what it says. Absolutely no white marks! Thank God!

For the reasons stated above, Mitchum is my new fav deodorant. Which one is your favourite deodorant?

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