Thursday, 28 May 2015

Garnier Body Repair Balm

I went to Boots frustrated with moisturisers that come in bottles or bottles with pumps. Sooner than later you get to a point when you know there's enough product but you just can't squeeze the sucker out! I wanted something in a tub instead so that I am able to use every last bit of the product. Isn't it insanely satisfying to truly and completely empty out a product? Tell me I am not the only insane one here.

Anyway I wasn't too keen on a body butter either because they are mostly really thick and difficult to work with!

My choices were very limited in the drug store aisles. I saw some products from Boots, Palmers and the usual stuff. I chose the Garnier Anti-Dryness Restoring Balm Maple Sap Formula for reasons mentioned below-

  • The red tub caught my eye.
  • It reads "Body Balm" and that was interesting to me. Basically the texture is not as thick as a body butter nor as thin as a lotion. It is creamy and easily sinks into the skin. 
  • The tub reads "Extra Dry Skin".
  • I have not tried many Garnier products but the ones that I have tried are extraordinary!
  • Affordable price point! 

I cannot begin to describe how dry my skin is! It always drinks up any oil or moisturiser or cream that I apply.

I  have been using the Garnier Body Balm for about a week now and I am really pleased with the way it works. My skin feels hydrated for about 12 hours after applying this. 12 hours for extra dry skin is pretty damn good. Isn't it?

Will I repurchase it? Most definitely yes, unless I find something more exciting. The only thing I am not too pleased with is the maple smell, it's not what I usually like or go for.



  1. Haven't tried this...but think you've convinced me to have a go!

    1. If you have super dry skin, you might really like it! Let me know how it goes if you try it :)

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