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Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Review

Left to right:  Personne ne rouge! and So Hap'Pink 

Left to right- Personne ne rouge and So Hap'pink 

Personne ne rouge!

So Hap' Pink

So I got my hands on Bourjois Rouge Edition Matte Velvet liquid lipsticks in the shade 01 Personne ne rouge and also 11 So Hap' pink.

I believe Bourjois originally launched 9 Rouge Edition shades in 2014 and 01 Personne ne rouge was a part of the initial collection. Bourjois then added 3 more shades to this line earlier in 2015 and 11 So Hap' pink is a part of the new collection! Please correct me if this information is in anyway incorrect.

I have warm toned, bordering on neutral & pale Indian complexion and these shades work well for me.  I apply these in a muted & blotted layered way which is why there is a difference between how they look swatched and how they look on my lips. 

The first thing that struck me really odd was the smell. It is not pleasant. It is almost chemical bordering on plasticky. It fades away quickly though. At first I thought I bought products that were out of date. But then later discovered while reading reviews online that the smell is real! Strange. But smell aside, I am really impressed with the formula.

I really like the packaging, it is tiny enough to throw in your on-the-go makeup bag. The mobility factor of any product is a big tick for me.

It goes on wet & creamy but then after a few seconds goes dry, almost powdery on your lips. It won't dry out your lips and also sits very comfortably , however after a while it clings to  the dry patches on your lips. But that is bound to happen with any matte long lasting lip colour formula. 

They claim that the lipstick lasts for 24 hours! I hope no one ever has to wear lipstick for 24 hours. Anyway, I honestly don't think it will last 24 hours but it does last quite a while say 4-5 hours. In this time if you eat & drink then intensity of the colour will wear off. When you sip water or any other beverage out of a glass or a cup, the colour transfers a teeny tiny bit which is very little compared to some other lip products. So ultimately you are left with a matte stain on your lips which I don't mind. At this point some people might want a re touch! 

I am particularly hopeless when it comes to lipsticks, I eat lipstick like its nobody's business. So these can last on my lips is saying a lot.

I apply these without any lip liner and directly from the pointy applicator which I must mention is pretty precise. The application is easy breezy and I also love that when applied these are creamy, buttery, build able and blend able. Many people are not on board with this but I like the fact that it doesn't set immediately and gives you time to build it up or down. 

Matte lipsticks are generally drying and they are bound to cling to dry patches on your lips after a while. But whenever I reach that stage with Rouge Edition, I top it up with some balm and then reapply if I feel like it. Reapplying or touching up is easy and so is removing the product! I love such fuss free products.

The only other liquid lipstick that I have tried is from Rimmel and I am not a fan. Rimmel Provocalips have a weird thick consistency and are very difficult to work with. 

Quick tips- 
  • Make sure your lips are thoroughly moisturised before you start applying the product and also make sure you are not dehydrated. 
  • Build the colour up in layers and use your finger tips to blend the layers in. I feel that the finish is much better that way. 
£8.99 each

Will I repurchase this? 
Yes, why not? A different shade maybe!


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