Thursday, 4 June 2015

Garnier Moisture Match Gel Dull Skin

So I am having a bit of a Garnier fan girl moment! After raving about their Micellar Water and Body  Repair Balm it's now time to talk about the Moisture Match Gel for Dull Skin.

I went through this product so quickly and was using it morning, noon and night just because it felt so good on my skin. My skin tends to get dry with an oily t-zone. So its safe to say that I have combination skin. This product is not really meant for dry skin and I often used it as an extra step in addition to a moisturiser in my skin care routine.

When I bought the Moisture Match Gel, I was not very happy with my existing moisturiser, I felt that it wasn't doing the trick, my skin felt dull, lacklustre and undernourished. I can't describe it properly but it seemed like my skin was missing something major.

I used this gel pretty much in every way. I used it first thing in the morning, before getting ready for the day because it felt so refreshing. I used it under my existing moisturiser and sometimes I also used it over the moisturiser and as a base layer before makeup.

I love the citrus fragrance and cooling effect that it has on your skin. The smell is not overwhelming, it feels really fresh and for a minute or so, it feels a bit strange on your face but then almost instantly gets absorbed leaving the skin feeling awesome.

Some people could find the smell a bit too much but for me it doesn't matter and I think this is a highly personal opinion and can differ massively.

Back in India, I never really bought Garnier products as I didn't think much of them. But here in the UK I am actually really amazed and very pleased with their quality and affordable price points. Moisture Match Gel comes in 5 different variants meant for different skin types and they are all priced at £3.99.

I will definitely repurchase this product but not immediately just because there are so many brilliant products out there that I am dying to try ;)

Have you tried the Moisture Match Gel? What do you think of this product?


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