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Simple Micellar Water and Thoughts on Micellar Water

Simple Micellar Water was on my shopping list for a while and I finally took the plunge last week. As a first impression, I couldn't help but compare it to Garnier Micellar Water. I would rate both Garnier & Simple 4.5 out of 5. They are equally good and I will repurchase them without the shadow of a doubt.

The only major difference being price; Garnier comes at £4.19 for 400 ml and Simple is priced at £4.49 for 200 ml. 

I also did a post on Garnier Micellar Water recently which has been linked here if you are interested.

I am a big fan of all Simple products and I was very sure that this one will live up to  my expectations. And it did! But first lets talk a bit about the history of micellar water and the science behind it all.

European and Canadian markets are no strangers to micellar water but shockingly, US has been left behind. Simple launched their micellar water in the States earlier this year and have really cashed in on being the first ever drugstore micellar water there. I am surprised that such a huge market has still not been introduced to the Garnier, Nivea or L'oreal micellar variants.

For those of you who are still wondering what micellar water is and suddenly why is it everywhere, let me try and define it for you. Bioderma, the cult favourite from France is the main force that catapulted micellar water to fame. According to Marie Claire UK, the origin of micellar water can be traced back to 1990s to Paris where it was devised specially for Parisian women to gently cleanse while skipping rinsing their face with water altogether. (Water in France is supposedly really harsh) This comes as no surprise to me, the French are kind of obsessed with keeping their bodies far far away from water ;)

Micellar water is essentially purified water with micelle molecules made up of fatty acid esters that extract impurities (makeup, dirt, gunk, pollution you get the drift) from the surface of your skin. It is milder than soap and is suitable for dry & sensitive skin. Micellar water  does not contain soap or alcohol. After application, skin feels a bit tacky at first but then goes back to normal and definitely not tight or dry or dehydrated (which it does if you use soap based cleansers)

It feels as though you are wiping your face with cotton pads soaked in water. It is very similar to regular water in the way it looks and feels. The companies that manufacture micellar water claim that no extra rinsing with water is required after using their product.  

According to Simple, "Simple Micellar Cleanser Water is our most advanced yet gentle cleanser to date. It is made with skin-loving ingredients, including Vitamin B3 and C, and Triple Purified Water, our purest possible water to help remove contaminants known to irritate skin."

Simple Micellar Water is fragrance free which is a major plus for me. Another plus is that it does not sting the eye just in case you somehow manage to get it in the delicate area.

When I am wearing a full face of make up especially numerous coats of multiple mascaras, I can use up to 5 cotton pads soaked in the Simple Micellar Water to be fully satisfied with the end result. The good thing is that it's not harsh or it does not feel harsh at all and I think that is why I end up using so much product at once. And then there is something strangely satisfying looking at make up smeared cotton pad after cotton pad... 

On a side note, I don't think micellar water is strong enough to get rid of water proof make up especially mascara & eyeliner.

Even though Simple claim that no rinsing is required when you use their Micellar Water; after cleansing, I go in over the sink with my cream facial cleanser and then slap on a generous amount of cream as the final step .

My skin is dry (with a slightly oily t zone) and maybe that is why I feel the urge to go back in with my moisturiser but somebody who may have seriously oily skin might not want to or might not need to moisturise afterwards. 

If I am particularly lazy or tired or travelling, I might skip the rinsing bit. Micellar water makes a very convenient, travel friendly product. You will find that once you start using any kind of micellar water, you will totally skip the wipes.

Micellar water is a breakthrough beauty  technology that not only removes make up but also can be included as an essential cleansing step in a lazy/busy girl's skincare routine.

You could use this as the first skin care step, especially before working out in the morning or on days when you don't have to get ready and rush out of the door, first thing. Applying micellar water with a cotton pad all over your face first thing in the morning feels cool and relaxing and it efficiently cleans any makeup residue from the previous day.  This means you are reducing the number of times you clean your face over the sink, hence reducing the number of times your facial skin comes in contact with harsh water or cleansers.

Also while applying makeup, when you make silly mascara or eyeliner mistakes, a little bit of this micellar water on a cotton bud can be your best friend.

I am going on holiday soon and I think I will purchase Garnier Micellar Water in the small, travel friendly bottle. I don't think Nivea or Simple do small bottles. If they do, please let me know. 

The only drugstore micellar water that has bad reviews online is L'oreal. ( I can't say much as I haven't tried it yet) Next on my list is Nivea which is cheap as chips but has some sensational reviews as well.

I haven't ever tried Bioderma either but then many bloggers who I look up to have reported that both Garnier & Simple variants are as good. I trust these ladies and am always up for saving a buck! 

What are your thoughts on Micellar water? Share?


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