Thursday, 30 July 2015

Port Pollensa Majorca: Holiday Edit

I just got back from a holiday in Mallorca, the largest of Balearic Islands, located off eastern Spain and to be specific, we spent a week at Port Pollensa.

I cannot get over the amazing quality of food. Weather you eat at a fancy fine dining restaurant or a basic one around the corner or simply buy some produce from the local supermarket, the food tastes bloody f****** amazing. Fruits & vegetables look real not perfect. Food in Europe is GMO free and don't call me crazy but I think it tastes even better than what we get in England!

Believe me when I say you will cherish each bite and thank God for being able to taste such delicious food. Sounds cheesy but it is true! Add to that some kick ass cocktails pretty much every where. I really enjoyed sangria and mojitos but totally fell in love with Mojito de Fresa i.e. strawberry mojito. I can safely say that except literally one or two okay food experiences, all meals were exceptional.

Here are snippets from some of the best meals I had whilst in Pollensa.

Mixed Paella at Hibiscus 

Sea Bream with Tumbet at Bar Coral

Sea Bass with Courgetti at Lorac

Smoked Salmon & Avocado Salad at Pizzeria Velomar 

Squid Rings at Bistro Joker 

Mediterranean Tapas at Marina

Lime Mojito at Capri Bar

Mojito de Fresa at Marina

Sangria at Bistro Joker 

Lemon & Strawberry Mojito at Can Pescador

Port Pollensa is a great vacation spot for families with little children and for people looking to have a quiet & peaceful holiday. Don't expect a crazy night life with clubs & dancing. Though there are bars where you can sit, drink & chat till the wee hours. If it is night life that you are after, you will be better off at the capital city of Palma or bonkers Magalluf.  

The sea here is extremely calm and warm and that makes it very safe especially for kids. A word of caution though, it gets HOT during the day, making it suitable for nothing except a siesta. Quite a few shops remain shut all afternoon.

The shopping is per usual and you will find all the touristy knick knacks but there are a few cosmetic shops that stock many European luxury brands. You are bound to score a good deal on skin care products and fragrances! I think this is because Euro is weak at the moment. Now I don't know about you but this is very exciting for me!  Price points here are definitely better than duty free. Anyway I feel like Duty Free is a big hoax! That is a separate topic of discussion. 

The beach at Port Pollensa 

Pine Walk 

It is totally worth the effort and money to book hotels or apartments along the Pine Walk for that killer sea view. People book way before their actual trip as Port Pollensa is crazy busy especially during summer. It is rightly advised to make your bookings well in advance.

Pine Walk, the walking area along the beach comes to life every evening and you can watch people pass by. There are many restaurants & bars on Pine Walk and they are obviously fancy looking with posh deck seating & the view. They are slightly expensive when compared to the ones a couple of streets away from the sea. Having said that, food everywhere is phenomenal. Don't hesitate to experiment and find your own favourite spots! Even if you are on a budget, you can eat excellent local food every day.   

I highly recommend sea food, paella and of course tapas. If I had to choose, I would eat fish day after day but I also really enjoyed tumbet, which is a traditional vegetable dish from Mallorca often served as a side dish. I also recommend the strawberry mojito, it's absolutely sensational and my poison of choice when in Mallorca ;)

Have you been for a summer holiday this year? Tell me all about it!


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