Saturday, 15 August 2015

10 Telltale Signs That You Are A True Skincare Junkie

If you can relate to the following, congratulations you are officially obsessed with skincare! Honest, wholesome & fabulous skincare! (for the most part) 

1. You follow Caroline Hirons’s blog religiously. If you ever end up not cleansing properly (night or day) and literally visualize Caroline Hirons pointing that finger at you, you are in the game baby! I am completely obsessed with her and in addition to gaining invaluable knowledge through her blog; I thoroughly enjoy her witty sense of humour and no-nonsense approach of posts.

2. You hate mineral oil with a vengeance. Every skincare junkie knows that there are far better skin loving, plant based oils out there. Cheap & nasty mineral oil has no real benefits. So if you are paying the price, don’t just settle for mineral oil, demand for more and get a better product. And you have learnt this the hard way! (Angry face emoji)

3. Oils & balms are your favourite type of cleansers. Skincare as we have known traditionally has changed massively. And for the best. Gone are the days when you settled for a foaming facial cleanser. You know that stuff is no good. Cleansing oils/balms do the job beautifully whilst keeping your skin happy and healthy.

4. You only use flannels to cleanse! Face wipes? Toxic! Yuck! Cotton pads, naah! Every junkie knows that you don’t splash water onto your face after massaging the product into your face; you wipe your face with a hot, wet face cloth instead! On a side note, just how satisfying is that feeling of wiping your face with a hot cloth?

5. While cleansing oils, balms, moisturisers, SPF, toners & eye creams are vital to a great skincare routine, every beauty junkie knows where to invest the big bucks in the skincare game and that is serums! But you still end up spending a lot on everything anyway! Alarmingly, your stash of skincare products galore is scattered everywhere and you are constantly looking for storage ideas! Muji & Ikea are amongst your favourite stores. 

6.  Your birthday, Christmas or any other wish-list is ready and full of skincare products. Handbags and diamonds can wait! Who wants the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil, I know I do!!

7.  You actually look forward to cleansing every single day, twice a day so much so that cleansing is more fun than putting on makeup. Lets face it you are obsessed.

8.  You treat food and fitness as an integral part of skincare. True skincare junkies are mindful of the sugar they consume and are usually non-smokers. They also try and stay away from alcohol as much as possible whilst drinking water like it’s going out of fashion.

9. The first and last thing (in a day) you do is watch beauty & skincare videos on YouTube. I plead guilty.

10. You love Space NK and you love spending your time perusing the aisles of Space NK! Online and off. Do I need to explain this any further?

I could write endlessly but for the sake of this post and not losing your interest, I limited myself to the 10 most relevant points. Feel free to add anything that you think is more relevant and I may have missed, I would love to hear from you! 

So, are you a skincare junkie? xx


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