Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Sanctuary Spa BB Cream

I was looking for an everyday BB cream for summer time and did a little excited mental flip when I saw this. Sanctuary Spa do some fabulous products and their BB cream shall be simply awesome were the exact thoughts running through my head as I put this gorgeous green package into my basket. I think this product was launched way back in 2012, got slightly mixed reviews and rightly so.

It comes in two different shades 'light to medium' and 'medium to dark' and is rather misleading. To be honest, the 'light to medium' shade works perfectly for me but is not very suitable for very light or very fair skin. As you can see in the swatch above, it is more of a medium shade. The 'medium to dark' shade is even darker! Furthermore, if you have a very pale complexion and cool undertones, this is not the cream for you as both shades seem to have a warm undertone. 

I really like the white tube it comes in. The only downside of this packaging is that it gets really dirty if kept in a makeup bag with other products.

The smell is really pleasant, almost citrusy and very fresh, certainly not overwhelming or overpowering. I think that is because it contains fruit oil. It also contains sweet almond oil and grape seed oil which are common skin care ingredients.

Thanks to its sheer coverage and SPF 15, this makes an ideal summer, daytime product as well as a perfect holiday bb cream.

Now about the coverage; this gives very sheer, almost no coverage at all. It adds a little moisture back into your skin and slightly colour corrects it. Kinda like your skin but better...

Before- Cleansed face with moisturizer

After- One squirt of Sanctuary Spa BB Cream in 'light to medium'

As you can see in the pictures above, this bb cream gives a very sheer cover and ever so slightly. 

If you are really fair or have a very light complexion and you also love good coverage this product is not for you. Even if you build this up, you will only achieve a sheer to medium sort of coverage. You could however use this as a primer before you apply foundation as it contains silica. 

This works for me because I am not a big fan of too much coverage. I aim for my face to look like it definitely has something going on but not a lot. I like to work this into my skin with my fingers; I feel that it blends better that way. You can also use a brush instead if you prefer that.

I use a generous amount of this product after I have moisturised my face thoroughly. I don't use it instead of my moisturiser. And I top it with concealer under my eyes and around my nose. I finally set it all in place with powder. The finish is definitely dewy and makes your skin look radiant & healthy. I think this is because it contains glycerin. I do need a touch up or two with powder especially  around my nose and t-zone but please bear in mind that the last month has been humid and I used this in New Delhi, India and Port Pollensa, Mallorca. (very humid indeed)

Will I repurchase this? Yes, unless I find something more exciting!

Price- £15 at  or 


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