Monday, 12 October 2015

Chronicles of a Hairy Girl

I don't know about you, but being from India one thing that I have inherited in abundance is hair! Now hair on my head I really truly appreciate but on my arms and legs and other areas can be a tad bit challenging ;)

I spent 29 years of my life in India so hair removal was never that BIG a problem, waxing at the local salon was the THING, hell I even had a beautician on call who would come home and wax me on my bed. And it was CHEAP!

Even though waxing was easy and the obvious option, hair removal has always been my pet peeve. Painful is just tip of the iceberg. Don't even get me started on the aftermath; redness, ingrown hairs, spots, marks, burns and lets not even go to the itchy, coarse hair that grows back after shaving! And that waxing is supposed to sort you out for a month, is a pack of lies.

At this point in my post I want to add a disclaimer! Hair removal can be done in multiple ways and what may work for one may not work for another. This is my hair removal story and it may not be yours :)

Anyway, when I moved to London earlier this year, I came prepared with my foolproof hair removal kit. I got wax, wax warmer, waxing strips, Veet waxing strips, bleach and hair removal cream. And my panasonic epilator!

I have tried everything from shaving to waxing to hair removal cream to at home waxing stripes and finally my compass settled on epilation.

Whilst still in India, I rarely used my epilator because of the salon factor. It was a handy travel tool and thats pretty much it. But when I moved to London, it became a necessity. So my Panasonic epilator died a sudden death last week and I bought Braun Silk Epil 7 for £70 quid from Boots.

And oh my word this gadget is a dream. I am comparing this with my old Panasonic one and the differences are massive.

Key Features:
  • Braun Silk Epil 7 is almost twice the size of my old epilator and thats useful cause its designed in a way for you to easily grip in your hand. 
  • You can use Silk Epil wet or dry.
  • It only works once charged and removed from the charging wire. Safety is important!
  • The light on it is epic! Its game changing as far as spotting stubborn hair on the surface area of your skin is concerned.
  • Because I got waxed all my life, I'm used to the pain and I work on speed level 2! Now speed level 2 with my old rickety panasonic was ridiculous. It felt like nothing and so nothing happened. I could spend a day epilating my legs and still wouldn't get all hair out. But the Braun at speed level 2 is pretty kick ass. People who have a low threshold of pain beware!
  • It's a bendy design (innuendo unintended) and I can't describe exactly what happens but its quite easy to get your hair around the knee area. 
  • The first time I used Silk Epil, I had a bit of redness, I m not going to lie... But upon the second and third use, the redness pretty much vanished. 
  • With one full charge I am able to epilate about 4-5 times!
Hairy Girl's Tip: Whilst epilating, make sure to stretch your skin as you go. Makes it much easier.

I have made a transition from waxing & shaving to epilating because-
  • It is cost effective if you live in a city like London.
  • Just like waxing, epilating removes hair from the follicle and not just from the surface unlike shaving.
  • There is no risk of wax burns or coarse itchy hair due to shaving.
  • Waxing is messy, epilating is not!
  • I got major redness and 'wax rash' after every wax but with epilating it is under control.
  • I only epilate once a week and that's a great thing. 
I think that pretty much sums up my epilating story! Have a story yourself? Do tell. See you next time xoxox


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