Thursday 13 July 2017

Why You Should Engage in Random Acts of Kindness Everyday

If you are feeling down in the dumps the quickest way to feel happy again is by engaging in random acts of kindness. If like me you are from India, chances are that you come into contact with less fortunate people several times during the day; these could be your full or part-time domestic help, your driver, workers at your local grocery store or even children begging and/or selling knick-knacks around the corner or at a traffic light.

Just think about being kind with them. We were extremely lucky to be born into families that were able to afford a certain standard of living and they just did not. Looking into their eyes with compassion will make you realise that we are all connected in ways deeper than we will ever understand. I often wonder what beautiful humans they would evolve or transform into if they had the same privileges as we do...

Random acts of kindness don't necessarily mean giving away money. It could also be offering them chilled water to drink during these blazing hot summer days or a steaming cup of chai or it could be something as little as smiling and asking them how they are doing. You have so many things lying around your house that you have forgotten about and will probably never ever use, but these things could really help someone in need.

These acts of giving and these acts of kindness are rather selfish and you will soon realise that in this giving and receiving equation, the giver always gains the most happiness.

The point that I am trying to make is that engage in at least one random act of kindness every single day. It is exactly what you need to make your day from Blah to Wah! You will instantly feel happy, grateful and connected.

What was your random act of kindness today? I am all ears!

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