Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My Thoughts on Sain Almond Milk

I moved back to Delhi from the UK a couple of months ago and although it is very exciting to watch the health food movement unfold in India, it can be rather difficult to get your hands on things such as non-diary milks, nut butters, avocados, rye bread etc.

I also happen to be plant based/ mostly vegan and I have been making my own almond/coconut milk except for when I feel lazy. When I feel lazy I end up buying coconut milk tetra packs that are meant for cooking, I thin them down with water before I use them. Lets face it, this is not the best plan!

But then a friend discovered Sain Almond Milk on Instagram and upon enquiring they sent across some samples for me to try. I am super impressed with the quality and of course the cute little glass milk bottles deserve a special mention too.

Packaging aside, here are the reasons why I think this is a great product.

  • It tastes like almond milk that you would make at home i.e without any preservatives. 
  • The shelf life of this almond milk is 3 days which is exactly how long your homemade almond milk would last.
  • Also, you have to keep the milk as close to the freezer as possible. Again, if you make almond milk at home and don't keep it chilled, it tends to go bad.
  • You have to shake it before you drink it. That is quite natural as the water content will separate from the nut content.
  • I used their plain and vanilla almond milk to blend my smoothies and they taste incredibly rich, creamy and delicious!

Apart from the plain almond milk (unsweetened) which is my favourite, Sain Almond Milk is also available in several other flavours. I got to try the vanilla, coffee and cacao almond milk drinks and they are all delicious. They are sweetened with dates so NO refined sugar in there (YAYY) and these would be great for when you need a pick me up; for that afternoon slump or even a great  pre or post workout drink or simply just when you need a mindful snack.

For more information & to order Sain Almond milk, you can call them at +91 9999740003 or write to them at info@sainworld.com

*Available for home delivery in Delhi & NCR


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