Monday, 27 February 2017

What Happens After a Spiritual Awakening

What Happens After a Spiritual Awakening?

I have read a lot of articles and seen multiple videos titled ‘Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening’. I personally feel that every spiritual awakening is different and that in general spirituality as a subject is still quite ambiguous. Perhaps because this is something you feel and not something that you prove with logic.

I wouldn’t call these ‘Symptoms of Spirituality’ as I do not see Spiritual Awakening as a disease, I see it as the cure, the only way to move forward and they way to live your life to the fullest.

So what really happens after a spiritual awakening? These attributes are all something that I have experienced personally and I have been experiencing them consistently for over a year now.

To make sense of this blog post and in my effort to keep it effective, interesting and hopefully punchy, I have classified the attributes of spiritual awakening into 4 categories- Physical/General, Emotional, Mental/Intellectual and Synchronicities. However, as you read along you will notice that the categories have blurry boundaries as many points fall into more than one categories.


  • Strong urge to embrace a vegan & cruelty free lifestyle
  • Embracing health, fitness and wellness as a way of life
  • Caring more for the environment, feeling the pain of the planet
  • Deep compassion for other human beings and animals
  • Constant thirst for water
  • Strong urge to de-caffeinate
  • Strongly repelling alcohol
  • Sensitivity to smells
  • Sensitivity to sounds
  • Strong urge to de-clutter, tidy up and be minimal
  • Connecting with nature on a deeper level, wanting to get close to nature
  • Longing to connect with like-minded people.
  • Longing for a community or tribe where you belong
  • I personally felt a mild to moderate buzzing vibration sensation at the base of my spine. This comes and goes and lately I felt it had moved upwards from the base of my spine to my lower back.


  • Old issues come up. This just means that you need to deal with these issues. Stop numbing the pain. Feel the pain and discomfort and disease. Let it run through you so that you can heal from these past issues and come out to the other side.
  • Flashes from the past and early child hood. Things and incidents you thought you forgot keep flashing in your head, quite randomly and at most unexpected of times.
  • Feelings you didn’t expect come to the surface. You will see yourself getting angry, sad, jealous, frustrated, ashamed, guilty… Again you need to allow these feelings to pass through you. Don’t try and numb them. Just let them come and go. And then try and move on.
  • Deep feelings of self-love, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-esteem and self-respect arise and stay as you act everyday towards becoming the best version of yourself.

  • Mental/Intellectual

  •  Strong desire for personal growth. My spiritual journey came about in the most unexpected way. I was looking for videos on YouTube on self-confidence. And then I got hooked on to personal development. And somewhere the lines between personal development and spirituality got blurry. I just started following my heart and I was and still am very curious about spirituality.
  • You are attracted to books and books are attracted to you. You know the popular quote, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!” sums up this point.
  • Vivid dreams, lucid dreams, OBEs & astral projection. I never used to be able to remember any of my dreams. Till recently. I feel that this is because your mind getting is stronger and more focused. I have had a couple of out of body experiences, which I never ever had before. Although these experiences lasted fleeting moments because I have been scared and freaked out and not relaxed enough to experience them.
  • Curiosity for crystals, Reiki, Qi Gong, Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and all the ancient wisdom
  • Strong desire to get to know yourself. I find myself asking this question every day, several times. ‘Who really am I?’


  •  Number sequences like 11, 111, 1111 and specifically in my case 12:12, 13:13, 14:14 and so on. Now the topic of number sequences and specifically 11:11 needs a separate dedicated blog post. Its basically an indicator that you are on the right track and you need to be careful about your thoughts. Also you need to monitor your thoughts when you see these numbers. If the angels and the universe are communicating with you through numbers, you need to keep a close check on the thoughts you are thinking when you see these numbers. I also think that your mind becomes more focused and sharp and alert and that you start noticing these sequences more. They were always there but your focus and energy was scattered. Does that make sense?
  • You start seeing the Law of attraction in action in your past and present life. I could clearly see how the law of attraction was doing it's thing, only I wasn’t aware of how to work with it properly.
  • You will hear about one thing and then you will hear about that thing over and over again. I think it’s just your mind being more alert making you notice things you didn’t notice before. Here’s a very small example and I hope it will make sense. I heard about cul-de-sac in general for the first time about a year ago. And then I kept hearing about cul-de-sac everywhere for the next few weeks. In conversations, in articles, in videos etc. And then we moved house. And our house was on a cul-de-sac.
  • A big change in social relationships and getting removed from difficult situations. It almost feels like something bigger, stronger and powerful has taken control of the things and situation for you. In a good way obviously. You might even feel like your whole life is falling apart as far relationships & your social life are concerned. Some relationships will come to an end. Just accept them as lessons and try to move on. The idea is to keep your focus on the bigger picture.

Spiritual awakening is a very subtle shift. You still remain very much be human, you don’t get crazy super powers, you still feel bored anxious depressed frustrated jealous but you learn to deal with it slightly better. You will still be washing pots, doing the laundry and the usual chores but with a little more joy and awe. There will be good days and then there will be dark days, but you just learn to ride the waves a bit better. 

Please share your spiritual experiences with me as I would love to know how you feel about this subject.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Rosie for Autograph Summer Rose Perfume Review

Marks & Spencers have really upped their game as far as beauty is concerned. Perusing the aisles of their dedicated beauty hall is a massive treat for any beauty enthusiast. They house a lot of mid to high-end beauty brands. Rosie Huntington Whitely's collaboration with M&S is called Rosie for Autograph and this collaboration in particular has some amazing products. The price points for this entire range are a tad bit higher than what you would expect for an in-house M&S brand like Autograph. Price points aside, I have heard rave reviews about the make-up range. Personally, the only thing that I have tried from this range is the Rosie for Autograph Summer Rose Perfume.

This perfume is available in 3 different variants. One is their signature scent, the Rosie for Autograph Eau de Parfum and the other one is the Rosie for Autograph Nuit Parfum. I have to say that I didn't really get along with the other two. But 'summer rose' for me is absolutely stunning. I freaking LOVE it. I am not very good at describing scents but lets just say that the fresh fruity & floral notes blended together make a lovely, long-lasting fragrance.

I was in the market for an everyday scent and fell in love with the mellow scent of the summer rose perfume. But really what sold me was the fact that the brand is cruelty-free as well as suitable for vegans. It's so nice to see that a lot of brands are becoming more and more mindful & conscious. Marks & Spencers Beauty in general house a lot of cruelty-free brands. Winner!

I also like the minimal packaging and it goes well with the rose gold accents. The scent lasts an incredibly long amount of time and is very pleasant. It's not overpowering or overwhelming in any way.

If you are in the market for a new everyday day-time cruelty-free & vegan friendly perfume you might want to head to your nearest M&S to check this one out. I also think it would make a great perfume as we are almost stepping into Spring.

Rosie for Autograph Summer Rose Perfume
£28 for 75 ml

Top - Aromatic Black Current & Fruity Pear
Middle- Rose Centifolia, Jasmine & Lily
Base- Sandal, Moss & Musk

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

14 Ways You Can Practise Radical Self-Love

"You can't pour from an empty cup. Take care of your self first."

One of the biggest joys of living is giving. But you can't give unless YOU have enough. Even if you end up giving it will be from a place of lack and fear. Definitely not the abundant mindset that we are all after.

I have been obsessed with personal development and spirituality for over a year now and the biggest realisation for me has been the importance of self-love and how you treat yourself.  Your relationship with yourself truly reflects your relationships with the outside world and for me this has become my supreme truth. The answer to every question and solution to every problem lies within us and yet we keep looking for answers outside. I hope this blog post will in some way inspire you to dive deep within and I promise you that will be a key step towards transforming your life.

I want to make a few things clear though. Self-love is not conceit! It's not about always buying yourself expensive bags and shoes. Self-love means being able to say NO when you know you can't afford something. Radical self love is about not getting yourself in debt. It is about taking care of your body, mind & spirit and also about respecting who you really are. And with keeping that in mind here are 14 (14 for its Valentine's Day) ways to start working on your relationship with the most important person in your life; YOU!

Stop that negative self talk. Sometimes this is on auto-pilot and we may not even realise it but we talk to ourselves the way we wouldn't even talk to our worst enemies. I used to do this all the time and I have now consciously started to catch myself when I do this, acknowledge it and then let it go. Everything is always work in progress. You live it and then you learn it and then this cycle keeps repeating.

Stop body shaming. Not many people truly love their bodies. Even dramatic weight loss stems from fear and shame not from love. If you are someone who has always struggled with weight issues then I urge you to check your relationship with your body. Before you embark on any fitness journey you really should truly love your body to see sustainable results; though this is not easy when you constantly see the so called "perfect bodies" on Instagram. You need to accept your body just the way it is and slowly learn to love it. Unlearn everything you have been told and everything that you see. Personally, I have been ashamed of my body pretty much all my life. This was a BIG one for me too. I am learning to truly love my body one day at a time. It's not easy but it's absolutely necessary and totally worth it. Being healthy is about how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. It's not just about how you look. Be very mindful about your affirmations about your body. Are you saying things like I am so fat, Its in my genes, I have become a whale, I look like a cow!? Stop NOW!

Stop comparing yourself to others. When you compare yourself to others you are basically entering into a war zone knowing you are going to lose. Someone will always be younger, prettier & richer. There is just no point in comparing yourself to anyone else; no two stories are the same. I know this is extremely difficult thanks to social media (I go into the comparison zone quite often too) but we have got to try and keep this in check. Even if you see someone else doing better than you, please don't bitch but be happy for them & bless them. Think about all the time you save if you stop looking at what others are doing and stop comparing yourself with them. Think of how you can make your life better by making good use of that otherwise wasted time.

Discipline your way into becoming the best version of your self. This ties in beautifully to the point I  made earlier on comparison. Stop comparing yourselves with others and start working on your self. Self-discipline sounds hardcore but is one of the best ways to start feeling happy, fulfilled, on purpose and as you discipline yourself further and further you start respecting & loving your self more and more.

Learn to say No. It's okay to say NO to toxic people and relationships. We often say yes when we are not ready or don't want it for the fear of coming across as bad. This can only lead to two things; one being that you honour your commitment half heartedly and in the process make yourself really unhappy. Two you dishonour your commitment because you just can't face to do it. At some point the guilt of not honouring your commitment will catch up with you. Guilt & shame is the opposite of love.  Either way it's not a good situation. Just saying No in the first place is a bit brutal but it keeps things in the clear.

Keep emotions like guilt, shame, boredom and embarrassment in check. Guilt and shame are some of the lowest frequency vibrations. Whereas love & gratitude are way way up on that frequency list. Every time you feel these low frequency emotions you are moving away from love. Especially when you are alone you need to keep these in check.

Don't get in debt. Choosing not to buy an overly expensive handbag or a pair of shoes or a car (that you certainly cannot afford at the moment) is also self-love. Getting your self in any kind of debt is absolutely detrimental to your soul.

Don't order the cheapest item on the menu just because it's the cheapest item. I used to do this all the time. Respect yourself enough and allow yourself to choose something you really like and want. Don't always buy in sales. Not everything you buy during sales will be great. There is a reason why its on sale. Allow your self to buy the things you love at full price.

Don't save your best looks/outfits for better days. I am not saying that you wear tons of makeup and get a blow out every single day however I am suggesting wearing good outfits every day. Even if you are at home, especially when you are at home or even when you step out to do some chores. Even when you are lounging around the house, wear good lounge wear or night wear. Wear clothes that make you feel good. Don't fear wasting a good outfit. Its never wasted. This will sound proper cheesy but it makes so much sense to quote L'oreal here! 'You are so worth it!'

Have your 'me time' rituals. This is like your Zen time. Weather you like reading, or watching Downton Abbey or expensive skincare or fancy decaf teas... just take out time to totally chill out doing your most favourite relaxing things. This is magical.

Plan holidays often. You deserve all the breaks. So don't delay planning your holidays and don't condition them to things like "if I make tons of money in 2017 then I will plan one". Just do it. Your breaks don't have to be long or expensive or super luxe. Any kind of break with friends & family or even just on your own are great for your soul.

Pamper yourself at the spa & salon often. Getting a massage, facial, pedicure, manicure and/or haircut is always a good idea. I don't even need to explain this any further.

Get crystal clear on your vision & contemplate daily. Lack of a clear vision is often a cause for misery. If you want to love, respect and  honour yourself you need to get clear on your vision. Or at least try and think about it everyday. Get to know yourself, ask yourself everyday 'who really am I and what is it that I want from life?'

Take care of your body, mind and soul. Eating good wholesome food, exercising and mediating regularly are absolutely vital. Honour and respect your body. Wellness is not just about being in a good state physically but also about how you feel generally. Feelings and emotions are tell-tale signs of your overall health. Never ignore how you feel.

I sincerely hope that you don't wait a minute longer to start a beautiful relationship with yourself! Happy Valentine's day.


Monday, 6 February 2017

Importance of Having a Daily Vision & Setting your Non-Negotiables

Importance of Having a Daily Vision & Setting your Non-Negotiables.

I am not the first and the only one to talk about the importance and power of having a vision. I have come to realize that not having a vision is perhaps the biggest reason why so many people are extremely unhappy and unfulfilled.

‘Vision’ Two Ways
You should have an overall vision for your life and then you should have a daily vision as well. Both are equally important. Ultimately you are going to have to break your big vision down into tiny bite sized step-by-step visions for each day.

Today’s blog post is all about thinking about your daily vision and also carefully planning your perfect day. Define & describe your perfect day to the very last detail so that when life actually happens you know what is important to you and how you should plan your day to schedule & prioritise things that really matter.

A 10-minute meditation just before bed where you visualise your perfect day as well as the same mediation in the morning before you start your day really helps in setting the right intention and bringing yourself into the zone.

Having some rituals or having a routine as a part of your perfect day is crucial. These rituals are your 'non-negotiables', are almost sacred, they are yours & yours alone, your time to be with yourself and really reflect on your life. These rituals can be extremely healing and energizing.

Days that are planned out in advance bring about a sense of peace, calm and dare I say even a sense of joy. Whereas days that are left to last minute reacting are often full of misery and overwhelm. This makes me wonder if us humans are creatures of purpose, driven by a well-designed plan?

My perfect day (working or non-working) looks a little bit like this.

  • I wake up at 6 am and if on a particular day I feel overly sleepy I listen to some upbeat music to really wake me up. 
  • I then quickly hydrate my body and then listen to a 15 minute guided meditation.
  • I aim to get in at least half an hour of exercise- I love yoga but if I feel I need to jump up & down a bit more I also love doing HIIT workouts via YouTube.
  •  I then get outside for at least 10-15 minutes for a small walk, just being close to nature is incredibly healing. 
  • I then come back home to prepare & eat a powerhouse breakfast and really take some time to enjoy that.
  • Once breakfast is done I will shower and get dressed.
  • Throughout the day I like eating healthy meals and/or snacks.
  • Evenings are for spending quality time with family & friends and having a delicious healthy dinner.
  • I unwind in the evening by listening to an audiobook or podcast whilst pampering myself with some indulgent skincare.
  • Sometimes I meditate at night and some times I don’t. There’s something for me to work on ;)
  • I also take out some time to play & laugh; weather its dancing silly to Bollywood music or cooking or doing something fun with friends & family.  

This gives you an example of how you can set your own rituals and non-negotiables for living your perfect day.

This is how my perfect day would look like and any thing else that I achieve over and above this is an added bonus. Bear in mind I have not included any office work, meetings, house chores & other day-to-day tasks to this. The non-negotiables remain constant whereas daily plans or to-do lists change depending upon what needs to be accomplished on a particular day. I try to not go overboard with my to-do lists as having too many things on a list means your attention is diverted, if you don’t accomplish everything you end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed. I think its safe to say that you should choose quality over quantity and prioritise tasks and then carefully plan what all you need to accomplish on that particular day.

I am fully aware that as life pans out, some days you may not be able to live your perfect day but then again this is like a guide map and even if you deviate from the centre, you always know how & where you need to get back to.

Ultimately if broken down, success is measured by what you do daily.  Knowing what is important to you and then taking action on it everyday is a proven formula for success and happiness. And that’s why I think having a daily vision of your perfect day along with a set of rituals is so important.

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