Tuesday 16 June 2015

The Juice Life

    Apple, carrot, celery, cucumber & spinach juice.

 Carrot, celery, cucumber, orange & pear juice. 
I placed strawberries on the plank for that pop of color ;) On second thoughts, I could have just chucked in a few strawberries. Hmmm.

Once a week when my fridge looks like it needs a serious clean, I try and use up leftover vegetables and fruits and juice them all. 

Not only is the juice healthy, delicious and nutritious but also a great way to utilise any leftover fruit and veg. I hate wasting food with a passion so for me this makes total sense.

For your juice to be really healthy make sure to include more vegetables than fruit. You are better off following the 80-20 ratio. If you juice only fruit, you end up removing all fibre from it & hence consuming concentrated sugar. Juicing vegetables on the other hand ensures that your body absorbs all the nutrients & goodness from veggies quickly & effectively. A hint of fruit in your vegetable juice is the way to achieve an optimum balance between taste & nutrition. 

My other point in this case is that you don't always need every single ingredient mentioned in a recipe. You just gotta work with what you can get easily at the local market & sometimes with whatever you have left in the fridge. Everything is replaceable and everything has an equally yummy alternate. 

Share your masterpiece juice recipe?


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