Monday 22 August 2016

Cacao Avocado Banana Cream Bowl

Do you go through a particular food obsession phase? For the last one month or so I have been obsessed with my cacao x avo x nana cream bowl. 

A disclaimer first, this is not for everyone. Especially for those who don't like avocado. But if you do, you are in for a real treat. 

Why I love to eat this as breakfast every morning is because it keeps me full for 4-5 hours and that means I can concentrate on work and other things rather than constantly planning my next snack. 

For all you health nuts, this cream bowl is vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free.  It is packed with plant based protein, anti oxidants, good fat and omega 3 fatty acids

Not so long ago I used to eat toast topped with almond butter, banana and berries or avocado on toast or oats porridge for breakfast. And although these were absolutely delicious, they made me really hungry really quickly. And I think it was because of gluten. I have been watching a lot of gut health videos on Youtube and I am no expert on this topic by any means but one thing that came out of these videos and totally resonated with me was that if you are constantly hungry and craving something particular, chances are you are sensitive to that food. In my case, it was gluten in bread & oats. 

I eat mostly a plant based diet and went plant based in February 2016. The thought of going gluten free too was terrifying. Initially I thought going gluten free was more like a fad. But after doing a little research on gut health it became obvious that although most of us are not gluten intolerant we are definitely gluten sensitive and that gluten contributes majorly towards a leaky gut. If you are intrigued by the topic of gut health I would highly recommend you check out Dr JJ Virgin and Christina Orecchio's work. These ladies are just fabulous. 

By being about 80% gluten free and having  this solid breakfast every morning, one thing I have noticed is that I am not constantly ridiculously hungry anymore. Thank god! 

To make cacao, avocado and banana bowl you will need

2 ripe frozen bananas
1 ripe small avocado or 1/2 ripe large avocado 
One cup almond milk or any other milk of choice 
2 tablespoons coconut yogurt or any other yogurt of choice 
2 tablespoons chia seeds
1 teaspoon of  maca powder
1 table spoon hemp powder or seeds 
3 table spoons cacao powder 
1 tablespoon almond butter or cashew butter or even tahini or coconut butter/oil 
1 teaspoon cinnamon 
Small piece of ginger (optional)

Add everything in together and blend it till smooth & creamy. Yogurt and avocado give it a smooth creamy yogurt like consistency.  Transfer it into a bowl and top it up with fruit of your choice. Berries and bananas always go very well with this. Frozen berries will also work like a dream here. I also use shredded coconut, hemp seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds as toppings. The possibilities are endless here you can create something with your own favourite toppings. You don't have to follow any rules. 

If you try this though, what toppings are you most likely to use? Tell me? Next time, I might use them too! See you soon xox


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