Saturday 15 October 2016

Winter Spiced Saffron Porridge

It has started to get really cold here in the UK and for the last few days I was feeling that dreadful itchy feeling in my nose & at the back of my throat; that itchy feeling right before you are about to catch a nasty cold and/or cough.

If you have at all read my blog recently you will know that I LOVE my smoothie bowls and pretty much eat a smoothie bowl for breakfast every single day but I also feel that you just cannot beat a bowl of hot porridge to warm you up on a cold day.

I now firmly believe that food is medicine and instead of reaching out for throat sweets and/or cold & flu meds, this time I thought of making myself a winter spiced porridge. I feel loads better after eating this heart warming porridge and I am pleased to report that it tastes like dessert.  This porridge is vegan, the oats I used here contain gluten but you could also use gluten free oats instead or quinoa too. If you are looking at adding a whole new twist to your ordinary porridge, then look no further!

What you will need for porridge (These quantities make 2 servings)

1 cup of oats
2 table spoons chia seeds
2 bananas cut into small pieces
2 cups of almond milk or any other plant milk of choice
1 tablespoon of coocnut oil
1 teaspoon of tahini
1 teaspoon maca powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
A good pinch of nutmeg
A small piece of fresh ginger crushed & beaten into paste like consistency
15-20 strands of saffron soaked in a tablespoon of water

What you will need for toppings 
Fruit - I went for figs & berries
Almond Butter
Coconut flakes/chips
Cacao nibs

These are just the toppings I went for, you can top your porridge up with whatever you fancy!

In a pan add all your ingredients i.e. oats, chia seeds, banana, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, coconut butter, maca powder, tahini, saffron strands and saffron infused water. Finally add the almond milk and the cook everything on medium heat, stirring consistently for 5-7 minutes. Depending on how you like your porridge- firm, gloopy or liquidy, you may or may not want to add in some more milk.

Serve in a bowl and top it up with a generous dollop of almond butter and some fruit. I went for fig and berries. I also went in with coconut chips and cacao nibs. These are perfect for adding a bit of crunch to the otherwise really soft texture of this porridge.

How do you cook your porridge and whats your favourite porridge topping?


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