Thursday, 13 April 2017

Audiobooks Versus Paperback or Kindle

I labelled myself  'Not a Reader' pretty much all my life. But then I discovered Audiobooks and Audible and I realised that I was and am a 'Listener'. Audible for those of you who don't know is Amazon's audiobook website. They have a fabulous monthly membership subscription system and you can additionally buy as many audiobooks as you like at great value.

Now before I get into this, I just want to throw this disclaimer out there. Liking audiobooks over physical books is just a personal choice.  I am sure avid book readers will disagree with my choice. I get that! The feeling of holding a book in your hands, the smell of a new book or simply having your collection of books on a book shelf in your living room could be the ultimate dream, pride and joy. I respect your choice but I have some solid reasons why I prefer audiobooks over paperback or kindle.
  • Reading is just painfully difficult for me. I mis-read words, I can't sit still and it's not stimulating enough for me. I am not a fast and focussed reader however, if someone is narrating it out loud to me with full emotion, I am in!
  • The flexibility of listening to an audiobook whilst doing mundane house chores, driving or travelling to & fro work, meetings etc is magical. Now delayed flights and trains or traffic jams simply do not bother me as I have a great source to entertain and/or educate me during that time. I would have otherwise spent that time plotting murders! For me this is GOLD and life changing.
  • Audiobooks allow me the luxury of travelling light. When I travel I usually have my laptop, camera and often a cabin case full of things. On top of that I have snacks, a water bottle and coffee. Then imagine buying 3 books to read as well on the plane or train. The bulk is real people! I just don't like travelling with loads of things in my hands. The freedom of not having to lug around books (because I have them downloaded on to my phone) is a game changer.
  • If you particularly love the audiobook you are listening to, take it with you on a walk or a run, you will end up walking, running or jogging a lot more! 
  • I am able to share audiobooks with my family across the globe through my Audible account. Sharing audiobooks with my mom knowing that she will benefit from these books sitting in a different country, brings me immense joy!
  • I am all about cutting the clutter and am trying to be as minimal as I can. Audiobooks are a great way of reducing that clutter. It also means reducing extensive use of paper. Again book lovers might have a different view on this and like I said before, I respect that. To each their own!
  • When I listen to an audiobook, I feel like I have connected with the author on a deeper level especially if he or she is the one narrating it. The story and/or concept comes to life and I feel like I am able to relate to the author more. 
  • Most authors are public speakers too and listening to them is a great way to learn how to speak effectively, if you aspire to be a public speaker as well. It's also a great way of learning how to correctly pronounce certain words that you may not have picked up, just by reading.
  • For me having an audiobook app on my phone is a great way of getting off of Instagram, FaceBook and Twitter and spending my time on my phone more productively. 
Let me know if you are a listener or a reader? I am curious to know!


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